Flower Calendar for 2024

2023 is ending and 2024 begins in 13 days!! WOW – UNBELIEVABLE!!

I am in the process of getting the flower calendar completed and scheduled for the coming year.  If you will take a look at the attached calendar for open dates and let me know if you would like to be added to the calendar to provide flowers for a specific Sunday.  If you are already on the calendar, please let me know that you are okay for the given dates; however, please feel free to let me know if you would prefer to change your date or not participate for the coming year.  

Also, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about a particular date.  Some are set but some are willing to change to other dates to accommodate those who would like to place flowers in memory or honor of someone on a special day.

Please call or text me a (853) 517-0545. If you text, please include your desired dates and your name just in case you are not already in my contact list.  If you call and I do not answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you.

Thank you and always in Him,

Cathy Deerey

7-Jan Donna Hull
21-Jan Martha Raye Humphries in Memory of Thelma, Kirby Thompson, & Kevin Tucker
28-Jan Bud & Phyllis Shely in Memory of Ivan Shely
11-Feb Pat & Rhonda Langford in Honor of Ms. Morrissey
18-Feb Ron & Laura Kostoff in Honor of their Anniversary
25-Feb Peggy Mills in Memory of Bubba Mills
3-Mar Lorraine Rawls & Christine O’Bannon in Memory of Goldie Dunaway
10-Mar Debbie & Bobby White in Memory of Rev. Charles W. Hamil
17-Mar George Milicevic in Memory of Doris Milicevic
24-Mar Martha Raye Humphries in Memory of Cindy Crittenden & Carrie Unwin
7-Apr Fidel Sanchez – Hosanna in the Highest
14-Apr Karen Metz in Memory of Betty Williams
21-Apr Lynda & Tommy Smith in Honor of their Anniversary
28-Apr Cathy & Paul Burchard in Memory of Loved Ones
5-May Kristin & Alton Green in Memory of Rita Richardson
12-May Brian & Cindy Beer
19-May Wanda Fallin in Memory of Papa Billups, Robert Lee & Lillie Mae Yeomans
26-May Tina & Herrod Spangler in Honor of their 33rd Anniversary
2-Jun Martha Lofton in Memory of James Vee Lofton, Sr.
9-Jun Ron & Flora Zimmerly in Honor of Anniversay
16-Jun Aaron & Michelle Deerey in Honor of their Anniversay
30-Jun Margie & Kevin Nelson for Fourth of July
14-Jul Karen Artone in Memory of Brenda Wickenden
21-Jul Jeff Burton in Honor of their Wedding Anniversary
28-Jul Glenda & Darrell Harris in Memory of Lemmie & Lola Harris and Mary & Glenn Dyess
18-Aug Fidel Sanchez in Memory of Samuel & Aurora Gallegos
25-Aug Debbie & Tony Tolar in Memory of Louise Perkins, Harvey Perkins, & Heather Fry
1-Sep Martha Raye Humphries in Heidi & Charles’ Birthday
8-Sep Mary Lou & Julie Booth in Memory of Earl Joe Booth and Audrey Andrews Bell
15-Sep Kim Akin in Honor of Ann and Daniel Akin
22-Sep Donna & Gary Hull in Memory of Bill & Joanne McDaniel
29-Sep Janet & Steve Price in Recognition of all Church Volunteers
6-Oct Susan & Bobby Holland in Memory of Carolyn & Don Finks
13-Oct Cathy & Paul Burchard in Memory of Loved Ones
20-Oct Larry & Stella Luckey
27-Oct Lucy Welch
3-Nov Roy & Belinda Herrera in Honor of Kathleen Herrera
10-Nov Fidel Sanchez Beyond Grateful
17-Nov Jacque & Buster Drapal in Honor of their Wedding Anniversary
1-Dec Heidi Lederer in Memory of Charles Humphries
8-Dec Cathy & Frank Deerey
22-Dec Lucy Welch in Memory of Jackie Cockram
29-Dec Kenneth & Emily Shroeder in Memory of Tom Shroede